'DWTS' Fans Flip Out After Guest Judge Shania Twain Reveals Plumped Up Lips & Wrinkle Free Face

Shania Twain always looks stunning, but fans were concerned with the country diva’s appearance on ‘DWTS.’ Some took to Twitter, saying they were surprised that her face looked, well…different. We’ve got the pics.

People can be SO mean! Country legend Shania Twain is so damn beautiful at age 52, but some fans are claiming that she might have got a little help from a dermatologist to have such a wrinkle-free face when she appeared as a guest judge and performer on Dancing with the Stars on Oct. 23. Maybe it was her retro-glam look that had thrown some people off, because we thought she looked stunning. The superstar wore her honey locks up above her shoulders in ’50s style pincurls and her makeup was absolutely flawless, highlighting her naturally high cheekbones and light brown eyes. The theme of the evening for the dancers was “A Night at the Movies” and obviously Shania wanted to look like a classic movie star.

However, some fans thought she looked a little TOO perfect, as they took to Twitter to claim something was off about the “Still the One” singer. Some fans claimed that her wrinkle-free face was the result of possible fillers, rendering her looking different than usual. She looked like she had drank from the fountain of youth, but she ALWAYS looks this great. She just appeared on The Tonight Show back in Aug. and rocked her perfect body and amazing cleavage — which was totally on display during DWTS with her low cut black dress — and nothing has changed in the past two months. Her face was just as stunning then as it is a few months later. See pics of Shania, here.

Still, having amazing genetics and gorgeous skin wasn’t enough for some doubters who think she’s had a little help from a a doctor in getting such a youthful look despite her 52 years. The Twittersphere lit up with people claiming that Shania looked absolutely nothing like herself, even posting up older photos of her and asking where the real Shania was since they thought the one on TV looked nothing like the country icon. How cruel! Shania has recently admitted to battling Lyme Disease in the  not so distant past so maybe she was on meds that made her look a little different in some people’s eyes. It’s just wrong to jump to conclusions that she had any type of plastic surgery.

HollywoodLifers, after seeing Shania on DWTS, do you think she had a little work done on her face before the show?


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