One woman's fight against a little understood but crippling disease

One woman’s fight against a little understood but crippling disease
Kim and her father Dr Robert Wagner
Photo Credit: RTN

KIM WAGNER is a perfect example of how a little understood disease could devastate a young woman and put her life on hold.

Amazingly Lyme disease is better understood by vets than it is by medical doctors as it is transferred from animals (often dogs) by ticks which bite humans and it can cause a number of debilitating illnesses.

What confuses the medical profession is that it can affect so many different parts of the body including the heart, muscles, bones and the brain leaving the sufferer desperate for a cure yet doctors confused by the symptoms displayed.

The longer the disease is left untreated, the worse the afflictions and the more difficult it is to cure yet a simple blood test can identify the existence of Lyme and if caught within 48 hours of infection, can be cured in most cases by a simple course of antibiotics.

Kim who comes from a medical family and has lived on the Costa del Sol since 2002 has been a sufferer for nine years and for much of that time, had no idea what was causing her so many problems.

Having obtained a degree in Psychology at university in the UK, she returned to London to study for a Master’s degree but started to feel lethargic and suffered a great deal of pain, quickly getting to the stage where she could barely walk and couldn’t even properly feed herself.

Bearing in mind that her father is a well-qualified doctor who regularly travelled between Spain and his Dutch homeland, access to experts in the medical profession was easy but because Lyme is so little understood, it took a considerable time before it was suggested that she be tested for the disease.

As soon as the illness was diagnosed, Kim was treated by a Dutch Lyme specialist Dr Kingma and she started to show a steady improvement, so much so that she was able after several months to return to complete her Master’s and she now says that she feels great.

With an estimated 65,000 sufferers in Europe, there are currently just two clinics in the UK and three in Germany specialising in treating this disease although it is believed that within a few years it will be four times more prevalent than the HIV virus.

Having first-hand experience of this debilitating disease and having learnt so much about it and its treatment, the Wagner family have opened the first Lyme disease clinic in Spain near to Estepona and have a team of visiting specialists able to treat all aspects of Lyme’s.

Kim is delighted to be able to help others to combat what is a controllable illness and expects to receive patients from all over Europe even though at the moment, treatment will have to be paid for by the patient, as health insurers rarely cover the cost of treatment.

For more information visit to learn about the symptoms and treatment of Lyme disease.

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