Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: It 'Drives Her Crazy' He's Ready To Date — Determined To Find Love First

Brad Pitt is ready to date again and it’s driving Angelina Jolie absolutely insane, has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Learn more about why she doesn’t want him to find love before her here.

She wants to win the race! It looks like Brad Pitt, 53, may be ready to date again and Angelina Jolie, 42, is about to lose her mind over it! “Angelina‘s hyperaware of what Brad’s up to, she’s always trying to keep tabs on him,” a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to “They still have friends in common and she quizzes them for info. She knows Brad’s ready to start dating again. It’s a hard pill for her to swallow and that’s got her wanting to do the same. She’s very competitive and hates the idea of him beating her to the punch. Plus it drives her crazy that he’s emotionally moved on, since she really hasn’t.” See pics of Angelina newly single here!

So, is Angelina determined to find new love soon? “Right now Angelina‘s still not started dating but she has been getting closer to pulling the trigger,” the source continued. “Hearing Brad is looking to date again made her feel motivated to find someone too. Even though her mind really isn’t in that space she hates the idea of ‘losing’ to him. She’s started forcing herself to open her eyes and look around and a few guys have caught her eye” Hmm…We wonder who the sexy actress fancies and who she will end up with next!

Brad and Angelina split up in Sept. 2016 after being together since 2005. The former couple have six children and have been sharing custody since announcing their divorce. Brad has recently been in the headlines for reportedly having a crush on British actress Ella Purnell, 21.

HollywoodLifers, how do you feel about Brad getting ready to date again? Tell us your thoughts here!

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