Kim Kardashian Struggles With Anxiety & Body Dysmorphia After Bikini Photos Go Viral on 'KUWTK'

Kim Kardashian revealed that she doesn’t always have such a tough skin when dealing with public scrutiny on Sunday night’s episode (October 15) of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

During the episode the 36-year-old reality star grappled with the media attention centering around a set of Mexico paparazzi photos in a bikini that caused her to experience “body dysphoria.”

“When will they stop with this story? You definitely get a thick skin once you have been through it a lot, but pictures just keep coming up every day and they just won’t let it go. I know I can handle anything and everything, and if I can’t handle it…who can?” she said during the episode.

“I just am in the house so much that I get so freaked out if anyone like, looks at me,” she said. “[It’s a] full phobia — I freak out about everything. Why do I subject myself to being seen? Why don’t I just stay at home?”

Kim‘s sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, came up with a game plan of wiping all social media apps from Kim‘s phone temporarily, which she agreed to.

“It consumes you and it affects you,” Kourtney said. “You just need to live your life. Why do you need to see this nonsense?”

Khloe suggested that the photos sparked bad memories of Kim‘s Paris robbery: “It seems like the Mexico pictures are just never-ending and it’s just making her think about Paris again, [when she] was mocked and made fun of. It’s one of the few times she’s been seen back and out, and this is how she gets treated. It’s not fair and it’s not cool.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on Sundays on E!.

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