Missing woman may have been taken by a crocodile in far north Queensland

A crocodile may have taken an elderly woman missing from a far north Queensland aged care facility for days.

Police have found clothes and other items of interest belonging to Anne Cameron at the end of Four Mile Beach, at Port Douglas, and have sent them for forensic testing.

Results are due on Thursday afternoon but police say there’s no indication of foul play.

AAP understands the 79-year-old removed her clothing and went for a swim in the area inhabited by crocodiles.

“The SES are out there currently searching quite difficult terrain. That will continue until otherwise,” Acting Inspector Ed Lukin said on Thursday afternoon.

Ms Cameron was last seen near an OzCare Aged Care facility at Craiglie on Tuesday afternoon.

Her disappearance has sparked renewed calls for a crocodile cull.

Katter’s Australian Party MPs Robbie Katter and Shane Knuth on Thursday urged the state Labor government to support their legislative proposal for tighter management.

“In north Queensland we face the risk and sometimes the ultimate price because governments are weak on this issue,” Mr Katter said.

The bill proposes establishing an authority to oversee a crocodile cull, egg harvesting and immediate removal or euthanasia for animals considered a threat.

The woman’s son, Craig Eggins, wrote on Facebook that his mother, who is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, took regular short walks and would ask for help if she got lost.

“She’s very mobile and could have walked a fair distance,” he wrote.

Mr Eggins posted there were no family feuds and his mum loved the staff at her aged care facility.

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