Samantha Bee Shares "Penis PSA" Addressing Harvey Weinstein Scandal

The TBS host offered advice for male execs on how to behave in the workplace.

Samantha Bee had some words of advice for men to avoid ending up in Harvey Weinstein’s current situation during her Wednesday night show. The Full Frontal host shared her “Penis PSA” for men in the workplace following sexual harassment claims from actresses made against Weinstein, who has since been terminated from his company after an explosive Oct. 5 New York Times report.

“Fellas, I’m a big comedy star/Hollywood executive and I found that it’s quite easy not to masturbate in front of my employees. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things I don’t do,” said Bee. “Every day I wake up, get dressed, take the subway to work and then don’t masturbate in front of anyone.”

Bee added: “Next time you get the urge to masturbate just ask yourself, ‘Am I in front of an employee or a colleague?’ If the answer is yes, don’t. Just don’t.”

Bee told men everywhere that she’s sorry to tell them, “no one wants to see your dick in any context,” and that it shouldn’t be whipped out at film festivals or in text messages.

“Stop and ask yourself, ‘What is our power dynamic?’ Is there a chance in hell that this person might only be agreeing to see my hideous dick out of fear for their career?” Bee concluded. “If so, make a good business choice and keep your business in your pants. Good talk, guys!”

Bee also addressed Weinstein directly, introducing the story by saying that recently, “America encountered this season’s second destructive vortex of moisture named Harvey.”

The host took issue with Weinstein’s bizarre statement to the New York Times, attributing his actions to coming of age in a different era.

“Oh give me a break, white Cosby,” Bee said of Weinstein. “Nobody asked for your all about mea culpa. Don’t blame the ’60s and ’70s for your behavior, it’s serial sexual harassment not a Monkees tattoo.”

She also took aim at conservative commentators for calling Democrats hypocrites for taking money from Weinstein.

“Predictably, Republicans popped a few tic-tacs and moved on the Weinstein scandal like a bitch for partisan gain,” Bee said, alluding to President Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood video, before introducing clips from Fox News and Fox Business.

“Yes, Weinstein is exactly as bad as Trump. I demand that we impeach Harvey Weinstein immediately,” Bee added, jokingly. “Call your representative in the Hollywood Congress and demand they act now.”

Ultimately, Bee pointed out that both political parties have had sexual harassers and said, “This is about men. Guess what? Men can be creeps. Hashtag ‘not all men.’ The extent of their creepiness seems to be a big surprise to everyone except women.”

And Bee offered a warning for lecherous entertainment industry execs.

“Listen up creeps of Hollywood. We know who you are. Weinstein isn’t the only cool Democrat lurking in film festival hotels, waiting to play a jolly masturbating prank. Women talk to each other. We talk to journalists and we talk to lawyers. It is 2017. We don’t have to put up with this shit. We are coming for you.”

“Talk to every women that you work with like she has the New York Times on speed dial,” Bee advised her audience, before herself offering to take harassers down. “Talk to every woman like she has me on speed dial. My show is only once a week. I’ve got a lot of free time.”

Bee joins other late-night hosts that have recently slammed Weinstein’s behavior. Jimmy Kimmel joked on his Monday night show: “What’s the difference between Weinstein and the Pillsbury Doughboy? When the Pillsbury Doughboy offers you a role he doesn’t ask you to watch him take a shower for it.” Stephen Colbert also addressed the issue saying, “Mr. President, saying ‘locker room’ does not excuse it. That’s like Harvey Weinstein saying ‘Masturbated in potted plants? That’s just greenhouse talk.'”

Bee’s comments come a day after NBC anchor Ronan Farrow’s polarizing report published Tuesday in The New Yorker with allegations from multiple women — including actress Asia Argento and model Ambra Battilana — against Weinstein, who was terminated from The Weinstein Co. on Sunday. The New Yorker report also included audio of Weinstein admitting to groping Battilana. Actresss Cara Delevingne and Lea Seydoux also came forward on Wednesday stating their own terrifying experiences with Weinstein.

Weinstein’s spokesperson, Sallie Hofmeister, responded to Farrow’s report stating, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow also spoke out in a Tuesday report from The New York Times that they were both harassed by Weinstein. Jolie told The New York Times, “I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again.”

Oct. 12, 9:35 a.m. This story has been updated with Bee’s second, more direct segment addressing Weinstein.

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