Things You May Have Missed In New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer

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The latest trailer in for the upcoming Star Wars movie finally premiered, capping off an eventful day that also saw a brand new poster and tickets going on sale for the new film.

And while you’ve likely watched that trailer a hundred times by now, there are a few clever reveals, hints, and call backs that you might have missed.

The newest glimpse of Star Wars: The Last Jedi offered a lot of new information, teasing more of the epic dogfights, shootouts, and duels fans expect to see in a Lucasfilm production.

Some of the scenes are more obvious than others, as evidenced by the strong declarations and foreboding monologues that punctuate the intense visuals of the trailer. And some are more subdued, only coming clear upon multiple viewings and a keen eye for details.

The latest film in the Skywalker saga is shaping up to be yet another amazing film in the franchise, and we’ve compiled some of the scenes you might not have noticed that will help make it so.

Read on to see some of the coolest moments from the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi that you might have missed.

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Anakin Skywalker Parallels

The Star Wars saga utilizes a lot of recurring motifs. One of the most direct instances of the saga coming full circle is Kylo Ren’s brazen attempts to live up to his grandfather’s legacy.

And though Darth Vader eventually turned back to the Light Side and ended the brutal reign of the Emperor with his dying act, Ren likely refers to that as a ‘momentary lapse in judgement.

The Force Awakens made it pretty clear that he wants to fulfill Darth Vader’s mission to eradicate the Resistance to a totalitarian regime and “finish what [he] started.” And those desires are reflected in some very distinct imagery from the new film.

A scene that appears to show Kylo Ren and a squad of First Order troopers invading the Resistance base on Crait is very similar to the scene in which Darth Vader and the Clone Troopers invade the Jedi Temple on Corouscant after Order 66 was executed in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.


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New Creatures

star wars the last jedi creature

Some people are calling them snow wolves or ice fox or something similar, but let’s get something straight: Crait is not an ice planet! So snow wolf doesn’t make sense!

Crystal coyote, however… now we’re getting somewhere.

These new dog-like creatures appeared in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene from the new movie, during which it appears as if a pack of the animals are heading inside of a large hangar door as it’s being closed.

Perhaps the crystal coyotes (if that name isn’t canon, it should be) can sense the impending doom from invading First Order forces, and are looking to get away before it all goes to hellp.

It’s nice that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is including a few different aliens and not just relying on the adorable and tasty Porgs.


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Rey vs. Snoke

star wars the last jedi supreme leader snoke new trailer 1
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

This one is a little scary, teasing some dire developments for Rey before the film’s over.

The quick shot of Snoke with his arm stretched out toward the camera, beckoning for someone to fulfill their destiny, is quickly followed by a shot of Rey bent backwards and screaming in agony.

The scene appears to take place in Snoke’s throne room, with the crimson red walls and his Praetorian Guard moments just out of focus. Spoke appears in the background, out of focus and nearly indistinguishable if not for his ornate golden robes.

Though Rey might finally get to confront the villain responsible for all of those attempted murder plots that went awful, it looks like there’s a possibility she might not survive the encounter.


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