New kidney on the way for 10-year-old girl suffering aggressive disease

Delylah Garrison may soon undergo life-changing surgery. The 10-year-old is living with no kidneys after having to have both surgically removed.

But thanks to her father Brycen, Delylah has a shot at feeling like a kid once again.

“I guess just being normal, really,” explained Delylah. When she was just eight-months-old, doctors removed one of her kidneys that never fully developed.

Then at the age of nine, she was sick again.

“One day she was playing doing gymnastics, eating, drinking, doing whatever she wanted and the next day that was gone,” explained her mom, Johna Garrison.

Overnight, life changed for the 10-year-old, her parents, and two sisters. This time around, Delylah had an aggressive kidney disease.

One month ago, doctors removed the kidney she had left. Delylah now has dialysis every night.

The upcoming transplant surgery is giving the Garrisons hope.

“I just want to see her grow become a woman. There were points we weren’t sure we were going to see that,” added Johna.

These days the family is focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel and say support from the community has helped them get to this point

Brycen’s firefighter family in Brighton is doing their part.

A couple of the guys at Station 52 created t-shirts to raise awareness about kidney disease, raise money for Delylah and show the garrisons they are not in this alone.

The shirt was designed with Delylah’s spirit in mind. It shows a cartoon version of her, flexing her arms, and reads ‘Delylah Strong.’

One of he firefighter tells us they hope she can spend the money she raises on things that make her feel like a kid since she hasn’t had much of a life outside of hospital stays, treatments, and taking medicine.

Delylah says all the support helps her.

“It makes me want to keep trying to get better,” she added.

The transplant surgery is not scheduled yet, but should happen later this month. For anyone who wants to support Delylah and her family, t-shirts can be purchased at:

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