What do you know about heart disease?

Life the Glynnwood Hospital decorated the front of the hospital with red lights on September 29 to create awareness about heart disease and strokes.

The foundation wants to raise awareness about heart disease and strokes and also highlight the importance of healthy living.

The hospital decorated its entrance with red lights.

The City times spoke to Dr Nirvarthi Maharaj, a cardiologist at the hospital.

According to Maharaj, there are various causes that lead to heart disease and having a stroke.

A stroke can be caused by an irregular heart beat, where as heart disease can be caused by smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The doctor also said genetics also plays a role.

According to Maharaj, both these illnesses are common amongst males (over 50) and females (between the ages of 60 and 65).

“Urbanisation, westernisation and the lifestyle we live are contributing factors,” she Maharaj.

“People are more stressed, they don’t eat, sleep or exercise well.”

Maharaj referred to heart disease as a “lifestyle disease” that is caused by unhealthy living.

He said people as young as 21 can be diagnosed with heart disease although there are patients who are diagnosed at the age of 40 and onwards.

The doctor said people need to stay away from processed foods and ensure they get enough sleep and exercise.

“Healthy living equals a healthy heart,” she said.

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