High School rivals unite to defeat two diseases

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) — Two high school rivals in the field and on the court have found common ground, they’re uniting to raise money and awareness from Crohn’s disease and leukemia.

Lincoln Southeast and Lincoln Southwest are selling t-shirts for $12.

They’re being sold during lunch periods and can also be found on the boosters websites.

Right now there isn’t a cure for either disease. Senior Libby Christman was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during her sophomore year.

“It’s tough to explain what’s going on when I don’t even know what’s going on,” said Christman.

Crohn’s disease is an inflammable bowel disease where food gets trapped in your colon and won’t release.

“It wouldn’t stop even on the high dosage medicine the pain wouldn’t stop,” she said.

At first the doctors thought it was appendicitis, but after surgery and removing a chunk of her colon they did further testing.

Throughout the process, Christman said she missed a lot of school and was in severe pain.

“It was really hard with studies because I was missing a lot of school because I couldn’t go because of stomach aches and it’s really hard to concentrate while being in pain,” she said.

“Anyone who suffers from any chronic disease to be able to go through and function on a day to day basis, it is amazing,” said Susan Fink, fundraising chair, Lincoln Southeast Booster Club.

Today she said she is dealing with her illness and it helps to have support from her family and friends.

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