Fans React To 'Your Name' Getting A Hollywood Adaptation

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Hollywood knows one surefire way to get the attention of anime fans. Just hours ago, reports confirmed that Your Name would be getting a live-action adaptation from Paramount Pictures and J.J. Abrams. And, as you can see below, the Internet has lots to say about the revelation.

Spoiler: It’s not all good things.

Hollywood’s lousy reputation with anime adaptations has made Your Name’s remake very controversial. The anime feature is one of the medium’s most popular to date, and Your Name also stands as the highest-grossing anime feature of all time. The film, which debuted last year, overcame Spirited Away to steal that title. So, fans are all too eager to question whether the adaptation is necessary or not.

Of course, adaptations are never really necessary; They’re done to introduce new audiences to a story they otherwise wouldn’t have met. Your Name’s anime status may make it strange to viewers who would enjoy its sci-fi love story, so Paramount Pictures hopes to widen its audience. However, fans are not holding back with their complaints about the assumption. Your Name is deeply intertwined with Japanese folklore, and its breathtaking visuals will be difficult to replicate even with Hollywood’s visual effects capabilities.

Still, there are fans who are ready to give the adaptation a chance. Your Name is grounded than some of the other franchises Hollywood has tackled. Dragonball Evolution and Ghost in the Shell did not pave way for Your Name to get a welcome reception, but Paramount Pictures has a chance to turn the tides if it treats Makoto Shinkai’s film right.

You can check out some of the Internet’s best reactions to the film announcement below. If you want to share your own thoughts about the adaptation, hit us up on Twitter @ComicBook to let us know:

If you want to learn more about the film, you can read ComicBook’s review of it here.

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