Watch: Stunning Time-Lapse Of Northern Lights, As Seen From Space

Watch: Stunning Time-Lapse Of Northern Lights, As Seen From Space

Paolo Nespoli took images of the Aurora Borealis. Over 700 pics were combined to create a timelapse video

European Space Agency’s cameras onboard the International Space Station (ISS) have captured stunning images of the dazzling northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. The space agency explains that astronaut Paolo Nespoli took over 700 photos on September 15 to create the stunning time-lapse of the aurora. The resulting images show the dancing green lights of the Aurora Borealis light up the night sky from above. The incredible time-lapse was taken as the ISS passed over Canada earlier this month. 

On Twitter, the astronaut wrote, “A stunning aurora caught my eye… its (sic) beauty is out of this world!” Since September 23, the video has been ‘liked’ over 3,800 times and retweeted over 2,100 times.

ISS explains on Twitter that the video of the aurora begins over the California coast in the US to North Dakota then on to Quebec, Canada when day breaks.

Watch the timelapse of the Aurora Borealis as seen from space below:

On YouTube, the video uploaded by European Space Agency has been viewed close to 30,000 times. 

“Wow. If that isn’t a reason to love Mother Nature (and science) I don’t know what is,” gushes one person on Twitter.

“Anyone who gets to space really are the luckiest people alive. I’m envious as I know I’ll never go up there. Keep the photos coming,” tweets another.

“It was amazing also from down here! One of the best I’ve seen,” comments a third.

Aurora Borealis occurs when electrically charged electrons and protons in the Earth’s magnetic field collide with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere. 

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