The first Mars Orbiter Mission of India successfully completes three years in orbit

After the successful launch, India’s Mars Orbiter Mangalyaan (MOM) became very popular and everybody in the space world applauded the efforts of India for its Cost effective spacecraft targeted towards the Red Planet. And now on September 24, India achieved a very significant milestone, as ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission successfully completed three years across the orbit of Mars.

The milestone is really important for ISRO because initially the Mangalyaan was given a mission of only six months, but it managed to work quite effectively for next two and a half years and still going strong. ISRO is the first space agency in the world to successfully send a mission to Mars in its first attempt and is also the fourth Space agency in the world to do so.

ISRO launched its MOM on November 5, 2013, and on September 24, after completing 300 days of the voyage, it entered inside the orbit of Mars. It was carrying a fuel of 40 kg during its insertion into the Martian orbit. Mangalyaan was actually built to last only 1 hour 40 minutes on its batteries, and after that, it would completely rely on a continuous supply of sunlight. By June, it had completed exactly 388 orbits around Mars and had successfully sent back over 715 images to earth.

The Mangalyaan also faced many obstructions in its path like the black-out as well as white-out period during which it got disconnected from Earth for more than 14 days each. But it successfully managed to come out of these obstructions. On Monday, ISRO released the second year science data (from September 24, 2014, to September 23, 2016) of the MOM and this data has been made available for those users who have registered with the space agency.

Initially meant for a short mission, Mangalyaan proved to be very efficient and capable as, in June 2017, it completed 1000 Earth days in Martian Orbit. Mangalyaan is considered as the cheapest successful mission to Mars till date, and by doing so, India has shown the world that it is one of the forerunners as far as Mars mission and its exploration is concerned.




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