WWE No Mercy 2017: John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Recap and Highlights

The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.  Generational stars John Cena and Roman Reigns go to battle.

In a clash of generational superstars, John Cena went toe to toe with Roman Reigns.  The match opens with the crowd dictating the pace.  Cena was quick to play to the crowd and get them riled up.  As Cena begins to walk up the ramp to appease the crowd he gets jumped by Reigns and cracked with a solid uppercut.  The theme of the match in Los Angeles hates Roman Reigns.  The match continues and it is just Reigns beating down on Cena.  The first pinfall is attempted by Reigns after a spinout suplex.

Cena gets back to his feet and starts to build momentum but each and every chance he gets, Reigns is quick to slam the door.  The match is different from many others as it isn’t as fast-paced and offensive.  This battle has a different feel to it, not as momentous as Rock vs. Hogan, but in that direction.  Cena locks on the STF but after a struggle, Reigns is able to hit a powerbomb to break the submission.  As the match progresses, both men are starting to fire up and are hitting the biggest moves in their arsenals.

Things spill to the outside where John attempts to put Reigns through a table after a quick counter Roman would spear Cena through the table.  In what would be the biggest point in the match, Cena hits Roman with an AA, holds it and rolls through then nails Roman with a second.  A quick one…two…and Roman kicks out to the dismay of Cena.  After another exchange, Roman hits the Superman Punch, a Spear, then 1….2….3.  Roman Reigns defeats John Cena at 22 minutes.

Captain America passes the torch to Superman

After the match, both guys soak in the moment.  John raises Roman’s hand to give him the seal of approval. Reigns leaves the ring and let Cena absorb the love from the crowd.  The moment felt as if it was Cena’s last match.  He took a little bit longer than usual to soak up every second he possibly could from the crowd.

Both men seem to be on different trajectories.  John Cena has a list of shows and films that he will be starring in coming up real soon.  SO this very well may be the last time we see Cena for a while.  Roman seems to be building to a date with the Universal Champion at WrestleMania.  There is still a long time between tonight and WrestleMania, but it’s safe to say, Roman will be in the main event.   

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