New dicovery: An Octopus City off the Coast of Australia

octopus city

Researchers have discovered an Octopus city off the coast of Australia. Researchers have found that upto 15 inhabiting the same space. Recently, in Eastern Australia’s Jervis Bay, Common Sydney Octopuses were found cohabiting at a depth of 10-15m (30-45 ft.). These creatures are also known as gloomy octopuses (Octopus tetricus ) charctersized by  orange-rust arms and white eye pupil. After observing in the site for eight days, Octopus found communicating and interacting with each other.

Generally octopus are known for their isolated behaviour as they dont interact with each other. Octopuses are quick, smart and owns a miraculous problem solving quality. This species can found moving around New Zealand and Australia’ subtropical water.

As per the reports, lead researcher David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University told Quartz that This behaviour is the result of similarity in vertebrate complex social behaviour and when the right conditions happens, in a diverse group of organisms, evolution may generate similar outcomes.

The first site which found in 2009, is named as Octopolis. Here sixteen gloomy octopuses found socially connected. The site be made of many dens and human made objects around 30 centimeter long as well.

The new place found in Jervis Bay area of Australia and researchers named this site- Octlantis. The second place or site is few miles away from the first one and also shares the similar designs of dens and features. This study shows that octopuses can socialise on the basis of certain terms.

Co-researcher Stephanie Chancellor from University of Illinois at Chicago said that both sites have features which made the congregation possible like several seafloor rock outcroppings dotting an otherwise flat and featureless area.

Stephanie Chancellor further stated, “In addition to the rock outcroppings, octopuses who had been inhabiting the area had built up piles of shells left over from creatures they ate, most notably clams and scallops. These shell piles, or middens, were further sculpted to create dens, making these octopuses true environmental engineers.”

Researchers studied the whole scenario with GoPro cameras. The camera recorded several hours of footage in which the researchers observed the behaviour like chasing, expression of anger, chasing and other behavioural signs.

The creatures have seen close to each others, having a just an arm distance whereas some were just envincing others animals so there were many other behavioural signs, But as nothing much disclosed about the octopus’s behaviour, more research is required to understand the octopues’s behaviour, said Stephanie Chancellor.

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