'Dragon Ball Super' Spoils The Results Of Goku & Jiren's Match

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 110th episode lie below!

There are few things the Dragon Ball fandom are looking forward to more than Goku and Jiren’s battle. The pair have had their rivalry hyped since the ‘Universal Survival’ arc began, and Goku will get to fight the Pride Trooper soon.

However, if a set of new episode titles are right, then it doesn’t look like Goku takes the Universe 11 fighter down.

Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship translated a set of new titles from Japan. The provisional names reveal the titles of episodes 111-113, and they are as follow:

  • “Hit vs Jiren”
  • “Vegeta’s Resolve”
  • “Fighting Maniac Saiyan Battle”

Each of the episodes listed above will premiere after the one-hour special containing Goku’s battle with Jiren. If the Universe 11 warrior is still around to battle Hit, then it doesn’t look like Goku was able to beat Jiren during their climatic battle.

For fans, the revelation is as surprising as it is exciting. The anime has been hyping up Jiren’s power since he debuted, and Dragon Ball Super only stressed that last week. Fans watched Jiren knock out a fighter from the Tournament of Power with a single punch. The guy Jiren took down was someone who Goku had to go Super Saiyan Blue to work around, so the Saiyan was understandably surprised.

When the anime debuts its upcoming special, Goku will channel all of his frustration into a brand-new transformation. The hero will take on a form that’s never been seen before, but it seems Goku won’t be able to takedown Jiren even after that. Goku’s power-up is expected to be more powerful than his Super Saiyan Blue state with 20x Kaoi-Ken. So, if the hero cannot beat Jiren down with power beyond that, then the Universe 11 warrior is truly a formidable opponent.




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