Stephen Colbert Melts Down in Solidarity With Lawrence O'Donnell

As a fellow broadcaster, Stephen Colbert said he “sincerely feels” for Lawrence O’Donnell.

This week, some seriously unflattering footage of the MSNBC host leaked online in which he could be seen berating the people he works with for inadvertently distracting him while he was trying to tape a segment.

“Hosting a television show is extremely stressful,” Colbert said on The Late Show Thursday night. “This can happen to the best of us,” he added, explaining that he “had a meltdown” of his own recently. “That’s why, in solidarity with Lawrence O’Donnell, and just to get ahead of the story before it breaks, I’m releasing my own tape.”

With that, Colbert played a video, apparently taped the night before, in which he tried to get through a segment about President Trump making up the country of Nambia while someone tried to talk about Christmas traditions in his earpiece.

“Who’s drilling?!” Colbert asked, getting more and more agitated. “Where’s the drilling coming from? Stop the drilling!” And then, “Is that a horse? Where’s my chair? I told you, you fucking amateurs, no horses in here!”

Finally, he just started slapping himself in the face and choking himself. As one does.

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