EXCLUSIVE: Rob Thomas on Marisol s 14-Year Lyme Disease Battle: It s Like a Weird Alien …

Rob often feels ���survivor���s guilt and remorse,��� for being healthy. ���Often their��day-to-day life makes you feel selfish just by doing normal things,��� he says. ���l���ll say, ���Man, I had the worst show,��� then realize who I���m talking to and go, ���I���m sorry, that���s the stupidest thing to say!��� You get perspective. I don���t think I have anything to complain about because I���ve seen how bad it can get for someone. The great thing about going to the Global Lyme Alliance benefit last year was seeing we���re not alone. People talk about their health struggles and what the family goes through and it���s normal to hear someone say, ���I can���t tell you how much I thank my family for not just killing me!��� — and think, ���I totally get that.������

���For public record, I���m not going to kill my wife!��� he adds. ���But they spend so much time trying to get better that, as a caretaker,��you pick up the slack on everything else in their life. I get tired and frustrated, then I see a glimpse of Mari and we talk, recognize it, then keep going.���

Rob adds that having Marisol on tour has been a blessing because he���s always nearby, while still able to fulfil his duties with Matchbox Twenty. ��

The GRAMMY-nominated group, whose debut album Yourself or Someone Like You turns 21 next month, have loved being reunited following guitarist Kyle Cook���s brief fallout with Rob and departure from the band. Rob says the group is now stronger than ever.

���I don���t know that we���ve ever gotten along as well as we are now,��� he shares. ���We hashed everything out and have taken it to another level, where we enjoy each other���s company on and off stage. We���re constantly in communication, and even today, on a day off, we���re writing stupid, little things to each other. I have a solo record I���ve almost finished writing and will put out next year, but because of this tour, we know after that, we���re going to record new music and want to tour again.���

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