Damon Lindelof's 'Watchmen' gets pilot order at HBO

Damon Lindelof’s time at HBO has not yet come to an end.

The network has officially put in a pilot order for, “Watchmen,” it was announced this afternoon. Based on the beloved Alan Moore comic book of the same name, the pilot will be the first part of a sprawling adaptation by Lindelof, with HBO also commissioning several additional scripts of Lindelof’s adaptation today, in addition to the pilot order.

The news comes just a few months after it was originally revealed that Lindelof was working on a “Watchmen” adaptation, and one day after Lindelof revealed on Instagram that the writer’s room for the series had officially opened. Should HBO become invested enough in the project to give it a series order, it will be only the second live-action “Watchmen” adaptation made in history, following director Zack Snyder’s divisive 2009 feature “Watchmen” film.

If everything goes according to plan with “Watchmen,” it’ll also be a way for HBO to keep Damon Lindelof working with them, following “The Leftovers,” which wrapped up its third and final season earlier this year. That series was – despite its low ratings – the most critically-acclaimed project that Lindelof has ever produced and as such, has made him one of the more sought after TV creatives working in the industry once again.

HBO is in dire need of a project like “Watchmen” to be added to its lineup as well, with its fantasy hit, “Game of Thrones” having only one shortened season left before it comes to an end in either late 2018 or early 2019. While there are multiple “Game of Thrones” spinoffs being developed by HBO right now, “Watchmen” could be another way for the network to draw in comic book and genre fans in the coming years.

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