John Cena Sr. Explains Why Jinder Mahal Isn't A “Worthy WWE Champion”

Add another critic to the long list of those who have spoken out against Jinder Mahal as the WWE Champion.

John Cena’s father, John Cena Sr., recently spoke with Boston Wrestling Sports and explained why he feels Mahal isn’t a “worthy champion.”

“I don’t think he’s a good champion, I don’t think he’s a worthy champion,” said the father of the longtime WWE poster-boy. “I think they need to get somebody in there that can get people involved in the championship matches… I don’t think he’s the man for the job.”

Cena Sr. continued, “I’m not impressed. There are other people I can see holding that belt.”

To go one further, Cena Sr. went on to explain that he feels WWE fans only boo Mahal because they simply don’t like him, not because he is a good heel.

“The fans are gonna get pretty tired, pretty fast,” said Cena Sr. “They don’t like Mahal to start with, and not because he’s a good heel, it’s because he can’t wrestle.”

As far as those who compare Mahal to JBL as a champion that is pretty widely rejected by fans, media and other pro wrestlers alike, Cena Sr. feels even that is not a fair comparison, as Mahal is worse in his opinion.

“He’s not even close to being a JBL,” said Cena Sr. “Mahal is in there for one reason: they want the Indian market. What better way to get it than to have the champion into the country you’re going? And he’s gonna hold that when he comes out of India, he’s gonna hold that for a while for whatever reason. To upset the fans, maybe? Perhaps. But he certainly is not the same caliber of JBL. He doesn’t have the arrogance, the ability, nor the characterization, nor the wrestling ability!”

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