Dozens Of People Walk For Kidney Disease

Event Held At Lindenwood Park in Fargo

FARGO, ND — The National Kidney Foundation hosted their 10th annual kidney walk in Fargo.

More than 150 people showed up to Lindenwood Park to raise funds and awareness for the foundation.

The organization wants people to know that 30 million people in the country suffer with kidney disease, which is one in seven Americans.

Ten percent of those people are not aware they have it.

A walk is an opportunity to get people informed and educated about the disease.

“For people who maybe even aren’t aware make sure you’re having the conversation with you doctor, get tested,” said Gene Dickey, Community Outreach Manager.

“For those who are going through it, there are resources out there for education. You can contact the national kidney foundation. Really we’re out there to help educate and bring awareness to the disease.”

The funds raised from the walk are being used for a screening in Fargo in six weeks.

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