Ariel Winter opens up about being body shamed from childhood

ARIEL Winter has opened up about her relationship with self love and the horrendous body shaming she’s faced since she was just a child.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporterthe young star reflects on her childhood.

Winter was only 11 when she started working on the set of Modern Family and for a while things were okay.

She said for the first season she was, “very thin, no breasts. No hips.” Nothing much for trolls to pick on.

Fast forward 12 months and Winter was now blessed with, “huge boobs and a butt,” because — huge revelation — she’s a female and that’s what happens. I know, shock horror.

If you ever find yourself entertaining the idea of jumping on the body shaming bandwagon of a 12-year-old you need to do some seriously revaluating. Seriously.

What were you doing at 12-years-old? Were you still in primary school? Kicking back at recess arguing about whether or not your opponent bounced a full in handball? Serious stuff right?

Well for Winter at this age she was facing confronting judgment and criticism on a huge scale.

She said, “It was automatically, ‘You’re a sl*t.’ ‘You’re a wh**e.’”

The star told Refinery 29 she had a tonne of people telling her she was too fat or too skinny and admitted, “it really affected me.”

Not really knowing how else to combat the negativity she felt like she had to “crash diet and do all these different things” so she could look different.

But even then she said, “I was still getting all the same negative comments as I was getting before.”

“I realised the only person who should have an opinion on me, is me.”

After struggling to fit everyone’s unattainable ideals Winter is now committed to putting herself first and promoting self love and body positivity.

“If you want to wear a short skirt and show your body like I do, it doesn’t mean you’re a wh**e. And it doesn’t mean you’re not one.”

She said, “People call me stupid because I post photos of my butt when the real thing is, I love my butt. I love butts! Why stifle yourself because other people can’t handle it?”

Now loud and proud of her curvaceous body, Winter said, “You gotta love yourself first.”

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