Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Finally Ready to Go Public

Katie Holmes was sick of living in secret. After dodging rumors about her relationship with Jamie Foxx for four long years, it was time to come out of hiding. At first, a source revealed, “Katie was super worried about the public attention” and was content to hole up in Foxx’s massive, gated estate outside of Los Angeles. But by this spring, the source said, she was “tired of playing that game.” An April 2 dinner in NYC was the couple’s first real tiptoe into the spotlight, the source told Us Weekly, but they were making plans for more outings. Dished the source at the time: “They’re going to start going public.”

Come Labor Day, the proof was in the pictures. After years of rarely being seen together, the two were photographed September 4, striding down a Malibu beach hand-in-hand and splashing in the Pacific Ocean surf. In the past, Holmes, mom to 11-year-old Suri, and Foxx employed cloak-and-dagger methods to keep their love under wraps. For date nights, they’d rent out whole restaurants or sneak in through back elevators. And they spent the entirety of a December 2016 jaunt to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, confined to their suite. But by spring, the Logan Lucky actress, 38, and the Oscar winner, 49, knew it was time to come out of the relationship closet. Notes a source close to Foxx, “He expected pictures to come out even sooner than this.”

Though he knew they couldn’t stay cloistered forever, sources say that even within his inner circle, Foxx was hesitant to open up about his romance. “Everyone knows they’re together, but it’s still unspoken,” said an insider, noting some friends had put the pieces together. “He could often be overheard talking flirtatiously to someone on the phone and excited to wrap up work and go home,” said the insider. “It’s been obvious that he’s had someone special in his life for a long time.”

When the two first danced at a 2013 fundraiser in East Hampton, New York, (a year after Holmes’ highly publicized divorce from Tom Cruise, 55, was finalized), the romance was merely a fling. By 2015, however, a source told Us Weekly the union had grown “very, very serious.” (Another source added that Holmes was “head over heels,” noting Suri was also a fan of the actor.) Their quiet start could be the reason their bond is still strong today. “They wanted to get to know each other and see where things were headed so it could develop in private before they went public,” said a source. “But it’s very serious.”

After ending her summer with a romantic debut, Holmes is living her best life. On September 7 she celebrated New York Fashion Week by supporting pal Zac Posen at a screening of his House of Z documentary. Later that night, she trekked to Queens to catch a U.S. Open match in the Emirates Ace Suite with her college-aged nephew and a pal. Says a source, “She was super low-key.”

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