'Dragon Ball Z' Reveals Brand-New Android 21

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Dragon Ball Z wrapped some years ago, but the franchise’s creator isn’t done with its story just yet. Earlier today, Akira Toriyama’s designs for a brand-new Android went live, and the anime fandom is freaking out over Dr. Gero’s latest creation.

With Dragon Ball FighterZ entering its beta trials, the video game revealed a new Android which will be housed in its story mode. The game went to Toriyama to get the vixen approved, and anime fans are loving the mostly canon character.

There is very little known about Android 21 at this time, but fans do know what the character looks like. The girl has curly auburn hair that falls to her mid-back, and Android 21 also wearing a retro-styled dress with tights. The new Android joins Android 18 as one of Dragon Ball’s few female cyborgs, and the Internet cannot stop raving about this girl’s potential.

After all, V-Jump Magazine did describe Android 21 as being as intelligent as Dr. Gero. If the vixen is that smart, she may prove to be one formidable force for better or worse.

If you are not familiar with the Androids of Dragon Ball Z, then you have a bit to catch up on. The character served as the main antagonists for the ‘Android’ Saga which eventually spawned the super-villain Cell. A mad scientist known as Dr. Gero created the Androids in the hope of creating perfect warriors who could defeat Goku. However, the artificial humans eventually rebelled against their creator, leaving the Androids vulnerable to Cell when the ultimate fighter came to feed off their energy.

As you can see below, the reception to Android 21 has been overwhelmingly positive. There’s no indicator of how the character will fit into Dragon Ball FighterZ, but fans agree Android 21 will probably have something to do with the return of Android 16. The former character is one Dragon Ball Z fans will remember from the anime, but Cell wound up brutally killing Android 16 before Gohan during a tough battle.

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Jordan Downs

When it comes to new Dragon Ball characters, the Internet is quick to get on its fan-art game. And, if that fighter happens to be a girl, then you can expect new works in about five minutes top.

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