Rob Kardashian's Massive $20KA-Month Child Support To Blac Chyna Explained — Attorney Speaks

Shocked by Rob Kardashian’s hefty $20K child support payments to Blac Chyna as much as us!? An attorney is offering insight into why he’s dropping so much dough for Dream. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE details!

We’re betting you were as surprised as we were when you learned that when Rob Kardashian, 30, and Blac Chyna, 29, settled their child custody battle over Dream Kardashian, he agreed to pay $20K per month in child support! Obviously that’s way higher than most child support, but according to David Pisarra, a family law expert and divorce attorney in California, that steep payment can be explained. When determining what Rob will turn over to Chyna, David says the courts look at his income and determine what is appropriate. And him being a Kardashian doesn’t exactly help him in this case! Head here for adorable pics of Dream!

“20k is a lot of money a month in terms of what a child needs to be fed and clothed and supported but it is not a lot when you consider how much Rob is making because the court looks at it and says we want equivalent living standards,” David tells EXCLUSIVELY. “We don’t want one parent living in a mansion while the other is forced to live in a studio apartment in Compton. So we pay support to help equalize the living conditions.”

He went on to explain that some parents opt to pay more than is asked of them in the hopes that this will grant them more time with, in this case, their insanely precious child. “So Rob may be showing a lot of income, or he could be overpaying to get more time with Dream which most fathers do. Most fathers get extorted for more money to get more time with their children and pay it gladly,” he stated.

David also hinted that Dream’s mother might have held some unsavory information over Rob’s head which forced him to fork over more money than he would have otherwise! “We don’t know why Rob agreed to pay this large amount, it could be something totally separate. For all we know, Blac could have some dirt on Rob that she used for leverage in this deal and he doesn’t want that coming out, so he is willing to pay whatever she asks.” Wow! If so, what could she possibly have on him!?

HollywoodLifers, does David’s explanation help clear up some of your confusion? Let us know!

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