Kristina Schulman Confused By 'Bachelor In Paradise' Co-Star Dean Unglert's Request

Kristina Schulman has opened up about her decision to leave “Bachelor in Paradise.“ She confessed to being confused by Dean Unglert’s request for her, and this may have been the ultimate reason why she was heartbroken when she chose to quit the show.

Schulman recently spoke with Bachelor Nation alums Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti for the latter’s “Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast.” During the interview, the heartbroken cast member talked about the reality dating show.

When Higgins asked Schulman if the experience was an “emotional roller coaster” for her, the latter did not hesitate to say that it was not actually as emotional as watching the show unfold. She then admitted to boxing herself with Unglert while she was still part of the series. “It was just a relationship between myself and Dean,” she said. “I wasn’t focused on anyone around me, really, because I was trying to figure out for myself: what am I doing with this?”

Then, it came to a point where Schulman was confused by what Unglert requested her to do. “When he asked for his space, I would give it to him. But I would find that you’re asking for your space, but you’re just completely … not talking to me,” she said. “So I was confused by whenever I would have conversations with Dean, it was reassuring in a way.”

During her final days with the cast and crew, Schulman revealed that “things started to kind of go a little crazy and emotions were running high.” She then admitted that this was what led her to make her shocking decision to leave. “That’s when I got emotional and I just had to leave,” she explained.

During Monday night’s Season 4 finale, Schulman surprised viewers when she did not hand her rose out in response to Unglert’s revelation that he’s pursuing Danielle Lombard moving forward. At the aftershow, Schulman spoke with Unglert and told the latter that he should treat his next squeeze better. “I hope that who ever is next in your relationship that you will never treat them like that,” Schulman was quoted as saying by People.

Despite what she told Unglert, Schulman admitted that she still has feelings for the latter. “I’ll always have that love for you I was intense but it was real and I’ve never experienced that before. I will always have a special place in my heart for you Dean,” Schulman said.

Schulman and Unglert, along with Lombard, recently appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about their love triangle on “Bachelor in Paradise.” And even then, Schulman reiterated her feelings for Unglert when she told DeGeneres that she’s open to rekindling what they had “if this guy learns from his mistakes.”

Unglert, meanwhile, also alluded to being open to the possibility. “I think that I personally have a lot of growth to do,” he said. “But she’s amazing and I mean, I hope that we continue to talk and see where that might lead.” 

He also revealed on the daytime talk show that Schulman’s exit was “an incredibly tough night for me … I was so broken up about it. Watching [it] back I just know that I need to learn from it [and] be better in relationships.”

Kristina Schulman Kristina Schulman has opened up about her decision to exit “Bachelor in Paradise.” Pictured: The reality TV actress attending the 7th Annual Fillies & Stallions Kentucky Derby Party at Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center in Louisville, Kentucky on May 5, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/Nicholas Hunt

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