'America's Got Talent': Kechi Makes Mel B Cry During Heart-Wrenching Performance, Opens Up About Her Mom

“I’m never speechless. I can’t do what I want to do, and all I want to do is hug you and I wanna hold you,” Howie Mandel expressed following the performance. “I don’t have words.”

Mel B had to take a quick moment before telling Kechi, “You’re just so special.”

“I’ve said this to you, time and time again, but you are just, like, you’re just amazing,” Mel B passionately continued. “What you’ve gone through and you just stand there with such confidence. You just give people hope and strength and inspiration. Your voice sings wonders and it speaks wonders to so many people. You are incredible.”

Simon Cowell echoed Mel B’s sentiments and added that it was her “best performance by a clear mile.”

“When things are tough, I see people rise above it, and you are an example of that, Kechi,” Cowell stated. “You have gone so much further than the shy, little thing we saw when we first met you. You’re here with confidence. You’re an artist. It was a magic, magic, magic moment.”

As Kechi began to cry from all the loving words, Heidi Klum also told her she “ruled the stage like a queen.”

After the show, Kechi spoke with ET’s Denny Directo, and she admitted that it was emotional to see Mel B’s reaction.

“When I saw her, like, so choking on her words, I felt like I was finally able to get that connection across,” she explained. “Not just show people that I’m feeling it, but to get them to feel it too. That’s what any artist would want — for people to connect to their voice and their music. So when I saw her that way, and knowing that my singing got her to feel that way, it felt so good. It felt so good to be felt like that.”

The singer also opened up about her relationship with her mom, reiterating how important it is to have her love and support.

“I want people to understand that, for those of us lucky enough to have our moms with us, treasure them,” she told ET. “These are women who would go through hell fire for you. That’s exactly what my mom did for me, and I feel like parents, moms, have such strength that a lot of times society kind of undermines. We don’t realize, but they are the strongest people emotionally, and they would do anything for their kids. I live that every day with my mom. I’ve been grown and getting more independent, but she is still that worried mom, because she saw me almost die, and so that can’t escape from her. So even when I go off somewhere, she can’t sleep unless she knows I’m ok, you know?”

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